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Surrender Your Animal

As a no-kill animal shelter, we are asked to help many countless dogs and cats in need each and every day. As an organization, we strive to find a balance between bringing in dogs and cats being surrendered by their families that have exhausted all resources to maintain them in their homes, and animals that are currently being housed in animal control facilities. We assess the urgency and prioritize those animals that are at greatest risk for homelessness or euthanasia.

Kennel availability depends on a variety of factors. We cannot give you an estimate on wait period but we will try to work with you to determine if a kennel may open within your needed timeframe. Your local animal control is the best option for animals needing immediate placement. We always discourage placing your animal via “free to good home” on social media. Some of the worst cases of animal abuse and neglect we see here at the shelter resulted in animals being given away. People can be very deceptive to obtain an animal to use as a bait animals, to sell to research facilities, or for their own deviant reasons, and the list goes on. We especially discourage giving kittens away. Our community is overwhelmed with stray cats/kittens. These animals need to go through a shelter program whether animal control or otherwise to ensure they are spayed/neutered before being re-homed in the community.

TAPS does operate off of a waiting list and cannot accept pets walked through our doors without notice. You will be referred to your local animal control. Additionally, we are not a stray hold facility. We are happy to scan a stray for a microchip during our open hours, but we do not have the capacity or resources to hold stray animals. If you bring in a stray, you will be referred to the animal control in the community where you found the animal. It is important that strays be housed at the animal control in the community where they are found in an effort to reunite them with their families.

Whether you want to return your animal adopted from TAPS or surrender a dog or cat, that has not previously been house at TAPS, please click on the surrender form link below.

Shelter returns should submit the same surrender form. Per you adoption contract, we ask that you give TAPS up to 2 weeks to find kennel space. As a no-kill shelter, we do not euthanize for space and our kennels are scheduled in advance.

Forms must be completed in full to receive a response. Incomplete forms will be deleted.

Your submission will be reviewed within 72 business hours. You will be contacted via e-mail so please check your e-mail submitted on the surrender form, including your spam folder, for a response. We want to be realistic if it is an animal that we can help within your timeframe. We will only contact you via telephone if we'd like to schedule an appointment to intake your animal. All other communication will be completed electronically.

Unfortunately, the volume of submissions we receive is very high and we do not have the resources to respond to phone calls to the shelter.

Click to be directed to the surrender form: animal surrender form