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About TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter:


TAPS is a shelter of hope for homeless animals. We provide temporary sanctuary and an opportunity for life by bringing companion animals and loving people together.

Board of Directors

Claire Maquet – President

Linda Elward – Vice President

Jeff Gillis – Secretary

Christine Schwartz – Treasurer

Chris Ludolph

Alan McLouth 

Jennifer Reid

Richard Rich

Kim Scully


TAPS brings companion animals together through a comprehensive, holistic adoption center complete with community outreach and education, aggressive spay/neuter, rehabilitation and training programs to ensure a loving partnership for life.


TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter relies heavily on dedicated staff and volunteers to support our no-kill mission. The following staff are entrusted with the day-to-day care of the animals at TAPS.

Holly Crotty – Executive Director

Amy Mobeck – Volunteer and Off-Site Events Manager

Angie Drowns – Kennel Manager

Dani Mason – Animal Enrichment Manager

Jennifer Filley – Administration and Facilities Manager

Kimberly Tibbetts – Animal Health and Welfare Manager

Liam Donahue – Foster and Community Engagement Manager