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TAPS is a shelter of hope for homeless animals. We provide temporary sanctuary and an opportunity for life by bringing companion animals and loving people together.

Board of Directors

Nancy Scott– President
Susan Crisler– Vice President
Denise Berardi – Secretary
Christine Schwartz – Treasurer
Nancy Affolter
Susan Crisler
Pete Dluski
Linda Elward
Jeff Gillis
Chris Ludolph
Claire Maquet
Jennifer ReidĀ 


TAPS brings companion animals together through a comprehensive, holistic adoption center complete with community outreach and education, aggressive spay/neuter, rehabilitation and training programs to ensure a loving partnership for life.


TAPS No-Kill Animal Shelter relies heavily on dedicated staff and volunteers to support our no-kill mission. The following staff are entrusted with the day-to-day care of the animals at TAPS.

Holly Crotty – Executive Director
Amy Mobeck – Volunteer Coordinator
Angie Drowns – Kennel Manager
Dani Mason – Office Manager
Jennifer Filley – Operations Manager
Kimberly Tibbets – Vet Tech