Wanted: Loving Homes for our MANY puppies

Wanted: Loving Homes for our MANY puppies
July 24, 2021 TAPS

You may have heard about all our puppies! Roughly 70 of them to be exact. Right now, most are not ready for adoption, but in the coming weeks, we’ll need a lot of adopters!! Please be patient if you have submitted or plan to submit an application, it will take us time to process all the applications. We will soon be posting on our Facebook page photos with estimated age and guesses on breed in the coming weeks.

Here is what we know so far:

  • All of our puppies are large breed puppies with exception of 1 litter which is medium-ish size. Labs and shepherds appear to be predominant mixes in the litters. We do not have any yorkies, shih tzus, or doodles.
  • Breeds are best guess based on appearance. We do not know the actual breed of any of the pups. They are all best guesses based on appearance.
  • Pups are not potty trained and will need obedience training, exercise, chew toys, and in large part their personality will become the adult dog that you train them to be.
  • A common question we receive is “Are they good with children? “If both you and your children understand that children need to be respectful of the animals in the home, and puppies have sharp teeth and claws and engage in rough play. Two of the top reasons puppies are returned are for being too rough with children and breaking the thin skin of seniors, particularly on blood thinner.

If you think you are ready to add another ball of fluff to your family or are a first timer, please visit our website at www.tapsshelter.org for more information on our adoption process and to submit an application. For more info on our adoption process you can also read an article about it here.